about us

The time has come to step back from criticism, cynicism and complain-ism. We are at this very moment in Newfoundland and Labrador seriously challenged from myriad perspectives threatening our social, economic and cultural fabric.

It is time to put aside polarity of politics and seek solutions rather than engaged debate on the problems and who really caused them. If you need an answer: we all did!!

ThinkNL unsheathes its proactive, positive, no blame approach January 29, 2015.

Its essence is carried in these words...

ThinkNL challenges socio-political issues with bold, factual and unbiased options to inspire positive change in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Calling upon the experience, intellect and creativity of our fellow souls in this Province ( and invited friends from outside) our goal is to identify solutions, options and considerations for actionable decisions by whatever government is in power.

ThinkNL will invite and coordinate expertise from many fields to contribute to its "thinking" on the major topics of importance including but not limited to finance, health and education.

All suggestions will be made public through this web site and our Twitter account.

Stay tuned.