our recommendations

In the vein of transparency we have chosen to post all recommendations that we make to our web site


As quickly as possible, change the Pension structure for all MHA's from Defined Benefit (DB) to Defined Contribution (DC). This may require a hybrid structure for those already qualified and/or grandfathering but from the date agreed upon, all future pension benefits to our elected members should be through a DC format.


Not unlike Alberta as it struggles with its fiscal challenges, consider across the board salary reductions for all elected members.


Revisit, update and monitor the expense categories for all MHA's, Government and Crown Corporation employees. Strict travel rules limiting use of business class, meal allowances and other travel expenditures should reflect those as being reasonable in the normal course of business. This sounds and is small in the overall picture; however; it provides the optics of a Government focused on wise fiscal management


All future hires should be placed on a defined contribution (DC) pension
structure rather than the current defined benefits (DB) structure. This
would, in and of itself, contribute to a massive easing on liability over the
next few decades. As per our initial recommendations ... all MHAs should
immediately move to this structure to illustrate their commitment to
effectively addressing this monstrous challenge.


Continue with the recent movement to increase the years of contribution
and age of eligibility for pensions towards 65.


Continue with the removal of indexing from all pension plans with appropriate grandfathering being maintained.


Evaluate the movement to a hybrid plan which would blend the current DB
with DC based upon years of service to date. This would accelerate the
road to fiscal sustainability, while honoring pension contributions to date
under its current DB structure and moving to DC for future years of work.
The structure of this, inclusive of appropriate grandfathering, would serve
to protect those with longer work history.


Explore and implement, where possible, de-risking strategies. These are
becoming more popular in Europe and for some larger entities in North
America (e.g. BCE/Sun Life). The effectiveness of including the life
insurance industry through a specifically focused product has significant
positive options for movement of risk from the Province.


Monitor and minimize 'double-dipping'. As an example, in 2010 the AG
reported there were 443 teachers double-dipping. The policy should
ensure that only in cases of absolute need would those on Government
pensions be permitted employment within the Government sector. Where
essential, in the vein of transparency, such hires should be disclosed.